Common Sense Capitalism: Milton Friedman: Progressives and Welfare: The Weakness’s of the Welfare State

Government-Run Paternalism

Government-Run Paternalism

To start off Milton Friedman said something that was so accurate when he said that. Liberals do not believe in spending other people’s money liberally or being generous with other people’s money. But that Liberals believe in freedom or another way to put it would be a Liberal amount of freedom. Not the freedom to hurt innocent people but the freedom to live our own lives. Which is something that so-called ‘modern-Liberals’ do not believe in that they believe in when it comes to. The economy that the job of government is to be generous with our tax dollars and spend our money. Liberally on things that would benefit the country as a whole. Which is exactly the idea of the welfare-state which is instead of letting people keep most or a lot of their own money to spend as. They see fit and waste it why not put that money in one big government pot managed by government. Of course for government to spend that money well. On our behalf so it benefits everyone and not allowing people to be selfish with their own money.

And where I would differ as a Liberal myself with Libertarian Milton Friedman. Even though Professor Friedman is probably my favorite Libertarian is that I believe people should have the. Freedom both economic and personal to live their own lives which is where I agree with Milton. But that these things should be able to work for everyone and that all Americans should have a quality. Opportunity with no guarantees which is common in life to be successful and that government has a role here. Not to run our lives or manage our money for us but to create an environment especially for our low-income and low-skilled workforce. And our low-skilled unemployed population to be successful as well and that gets to things like re-education and job-training. Not at Federally run government job-training programs or schools but at community colleges or private job fairs and. Seminars where people can get themselves the skills that they need to be successful in life. Rather then government trying to take care of them at tax payer expense.

It’s easy to be generous with other people’s money and try to do good for people when the you do not have to deal. With the consequences of any bad decisions you might make with other people’s lives. Because the people you are supposed to be helping are going to do that for you. Which is why instead of trying to take care of physically and mentally able people what we should be doing is. Empowering them to take care of themselves which would be a difference between a welfare-state. And a safety-net where with the safety-net you catch people who fall down but then you help them back. Up and not keep them down as you try to take care of them.


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