Los Angeles Times: Editorial: The Right Way to Investigate The IRS

Lame Ducks

Lame Ducks

The right way to investigate the IRS – latimes.com.

The best way for Democrats for the Internal Revenue Service to be investigated. Is for House Republicans to run it and have them end up finding basically nothing that they can use to hurt. President Obama and Democrats with which would be their target from the start to dig up dirt on Democrats. Similar to the House Republican investigations of the 1990s against President Clinton. Because this is that would be about how do we hurt a fairly likable and popular President under the circumstances in Barack Obama. Whose also a lame-duck and hurt him and his party and use that against him and his party in the 2014 mid-term elections. And add to our House-majority and win back the Senate. And have Representative Darryl Issa Chairman of the Government Investigation Committee or Representative Dave Camp Chairman of the Way and Means Committee to run the. Investigation with of course have plenty of Tea Party influence in the so-called investigation and hearings. People who couldn’t even figure out why there’s snow on the ground in the morning. When there wasn’t any snow on the ground before they went to bed the previous night. But know how to dish out partisan attacks and develop attack-ads which are. The only qualifications that they would need.

That would be the best approach for Democrats because you would see House Republicans spending a lot of money not coming up with anything. At tax-payers expense of course and when they obviously do not come up with anything will yell coverup and try to compare President Obama with. President Nixon something maybe ten-percent of the country believes but with partisan Republicans as long. As your base agrees with you that means you must be right. So as they are doing this President Obama’s approval-rating goes up as a result because the rest of the country which is only ninety-percent. Has figured out what’s going here and the President and Democrats look good as a result. And you would end up seeing a popular President campaigning with Congressional Democrats both House and. Senate in swing districts and states telling people why they should elect or reelect the Democrat there. Raising a lot of money once again leaving Republicans with no one they can use to counter the President of the United States with.

But in all seriousness which this is not at least not yet. The best way to investigate the Internal Revenue Service or IRS is through a bipartisan or nonpartisan outside commission. Made up of only people who do not have political-stakes in the ground and not looking to further their careers. Other than to do a good job and have these people figure out what the hell happened. And then President Obama and Congress can deal with the aftermath but then long-term move to a tax-system. That’s based on consumption and not income where people are taxed based on what they consume from society. Rather then what they produce for society giving the IRS a lot less power and responsibility. And ripping up most of the current tax-code.


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