Washington Free Beacon: Opinion- CJ Ciaramella- I Survived the 2013 Left Forum: What Makes up The American Left



Source: Washington Free Beacon: Opinion-CJ Ciaramella- How I Survived the 2013 Left Forum

I hate when people especially people who aren’t Leftists talk about the Left something that they aren’t that familiar with. As if the Left is one thing and that all Leftists are all the same people and that Leftists like Michael Moore represent the American-Left. That all Leftists are like Michael Moore which couldn’t be further from the truth. The American-Left is made up of what I call Jack Kennedy/Bill Clinton Liberals people who in the 1980s were tagged. As New-Democrats when I am politically after the McGovern-Democrats basically took over the. Democratic Party in the late 1960s and 1970s where President Jimmy Carter basically is as well as current. Secretary of State John Kerry and former Massachusetts Governor and 1988 Democratic. Presidential nominee Mike Dukakis is politically and to a certain extent current President Barack Obama is politically as well. And then you have what is left of the FDR/LBJ Progressive-Democratic coalition where people like Senator Tom Harkin is politically. And then you have the Neo-Leftists who emerged in the late 1960s and 1970s who combine Socialist with Anarchist views. In their politics like Michael Moore and todays Occupy Wall Street movement.

The American-Left isn’t one group of ideological and political factions. Not all Leftists are Liberals or Progressives or Socialists the American-Left is made up of all of these. Political and ideological factions who all have different political goals, policies and opinions. Who make up todays Democratic Party and where they want to take the Democratic Party and take the. Country so to say Mike Moore or Noam Chomsky or Tom Hayden represents the Left in America is simply wrong. What they do is represent part of the Left in American their ideological and political wing of the Left and Democratic Party. Just like Senator Ron Wyden represents the Liberals and that part of the party and Senator Tom Harkin represents the Progressive wing. Of the party not everyone but a lot of them in their wing of the party tend to look at politics. From a certain viewpoint and the activists in their wing seek to reelect their members and elect more people who think like them.

The American-Left doesn’t have a Conservative Political Action Conference. And organization and meeting that brings the entire Left together of the different factions that I mentioned. Like CPAC does for the Right and brings in all of the factions on the Right. So when the Left Forum holds an event made up of Socialist-Anarchists the Neo-Left in America. It gives partisans on the Right an opportunity to make the Left look like these people and paint the. Entire Left with one brush when the fact is the Left is a lot more diverse than that.


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