Townhall: Opinion- Michael Barone- A Liberal Turn on Marijuana Legalization, Same-Sex Marriage and Gun Rights: The Aftermath of The Ending of The Culture War

Culture War

The War is Over

Source: A Liberal Townhall: Opinion-Michael Tanner- A Liberal Turn on Marijuana Legalization, Same-Sex Marriage and Gun Rights 

There are Libertarians who like to say that the reason why more Americans do not identify their politics as libertarian, is because they do not know what a Libertarian is or understand libertarian views despite having libertarian leanings. And I make the same argument as a Liberal about liberalism, but have more evidence to support my case. Because Americans tend to be anti big government, but so are Liberals, but the difference being that Liberals aren’t anti-government all together unlike todays so-called Libertarians who tend to sound more anarchic then libertarian. And don’t seem to have a role for government to do anything. And seem to believe that government is always either incompetent, or is violating Americans individual freedom. But as I said before Americans do not tend to be anti-government, but anti-big government. They do not want government running our lives and taking away personal and economic freedom from us and limiting our personal choices. And want the ability to make their own decisions, but they tend to have a real role for government to do the things that we as individuals can’t do for ourselves or as well.

All the evidence you need to know to support this is look at what’s left of the Culture War and those issues. And where Americans by a majority stand where majorities now support abortion, and the freedom of choice when it comes to other issues. Like Homosexuality including same-sex marriage, marijuana, Americans especially younger Americans are now overwhelmingly against the so-called War on Drugs and support the right to choose when it comes to gambling as well. They support civil rights and are against discrimination when it’s based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion and now even sexuality. And what partisan right-wingers who still want to fight the Culture War and haven’t gotten the memo yet that they lost is they like to say America is becoming more libertarian on these issues, because they do not want to give Liberals credit for these changes in politics.

To be completely fair, today’s so-called Progressives who tend not to be in favor of freedom of choice including as it relates to some key personal issues and are still in favor of prohibition and now would even prohibit junk food and soft-drinks and tobacco and perhaps even involve the Federal Government in regulating religion and outlaw guns for private use tend, to view these changes in politics as the country becoming more libertarian than liberal as well. Because they want to believe that Liberals should be in favor of protecting people even from ourselves. Rather than protecting our freedom to make our own decisions. But you can call of these things libertarian, or not. But personal choice in reality and even how it tends to be viewed comes down on the Left side of the political spectrum rather than the right. Which is how you know the country is becoming more Liberal rather than moving to the Right.

The facts are the Liberals won the Culture War with the ten percent of the country or so that is actually libertarian. And the statists on the Right hate that and aren’t ready to give Liberals credit for that. So when they do acknowledge facts about the Culture War, they say the country is becoming more libertarian. Rather than give Liberals credit for these victories.


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