TruthOut: Margaret Flowers & Kevin Zeese- “Capitalism in Crisis”: Our Opportunity for a New System

Economic Freedom

Economic Freedom

Source: TruthOut: Margaret Flowers & Kevin Zeese- Capitalism in Crisis: Our Opportunity for a New System

I agree when something is not working very well and not working as well as it should be like the American economy to use as an example. That it’s an opportunity to improve, adjust, reform, start over, create something that works better. But that’s probably where my agreement ends with Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese. Few people and corporations making too much money in the minds of the Socialist-Left, so let’s nationalize their companies and pass an excise. Tax on them and use that money to take care of the rest which seems to be the message from the Socialist-Left. Today but then you get real ideas and thinking from the Noam Chomsky’s of the world a Socialist-Libertarian. Who calls for economic-cooperatives where labor not government but private individuals would own the companies they work for. And would be the investors in those companies and would be paid based on how well they and their company are doing. Because their pay would be tied to how much of the company they own, so they would be incentivized to. Be as productive as possible which is the best economic idea I’ve heard from the Socialist-Left post New Deal and Great Society.

I agree that income and our economic resources should be shared more fairly. But by the people both management and labor who create the wealth and resources the productive class let’s say. In the country rather than by everybody meaning anyone living in the country. But the way to have such an economy where as many people as possible are doing well economically. Is to maximize the amount of well-educated and productive people in the country. So your financial and economic well-being is tied to how good your skills are and what you do with those skills. Rather than government writing you a check every week or month to cover your bills. Simply based on you being alive and living in the United States. And to have an economic system like that we simply need a better educated and skilled workforce especially at the lower ends. So they do not have to live on the lower end and can move to the middle class or can even live. Better than that and become producers in the economy.

You do not build a stronger economy with more people doing well by taking from the haves. To take care of everyone else but by creating an economic system that maximizes the amount of. Haves in the country and people doing well and living freedom where you are no longer looking at. 1-5 Americans living in poverty with a middle class whose seeing their wages falling and struggling to pay their bills. But by expanding economic freedom to as many people as possible.

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