American Thinker: Articles: Todd Keister: “The Dangers of Democracy”: How Democracy Translates Into Freedom

Democracy in Action

Democracy in Action

Articles: The Dangers of Democracy.

What people on the Right including Libertarians do not seem to understand about Democracy and why they have a tendency to talk down about it. Is they lump Democracy into voting as if they are the same thing. That Democracy pure and simple is about voting and majority-vote. To decide anything and what they do not seem to understand is that voting is only one aspect. About Democracy that Democracy is about freedom and people being able to live their own lives. America of course is a republic which is something that the religious-Right will probably never. Understand or accept but we are a republic in the form of a Liberal-Democracy. With certain basic rights given to us by our constitution and Bill of Rights that no majority can. Ever take away from us with our current constitution which is a good thing. We are not a Majoritarian-Democracy where everything is decided by majority-vote and never have been. We can’t vote our free speech or right to assemble or practice religion or Fourth Amendment or. Second Amendments away these things can only be taken away from us by a constitutional-amendment. That needs a two-thirds vote in favor from both chambers of Congress and then passed by two-thirds of the. States before that could happen.

What some on the Right do not seem to like about Democracy is the majority-vote. Where laws they disagree with or politicians they do not like can get elected to do things they disagree. With but they can’t violate the constitution even if a majority wants them to do so and they can’t take our rights away from us. Even if a majority wants them to do so but we can get bad leaders who make bad policies. Even if a majority of the people want these bad leaders and bad policies but something like the Right likes to say. As well as George Carlin that it’s not the job of government to save people from themselves. That we get who and what we voted for a lot of times and if we vote for the wrong people and policies. Well that’s our own fault and we are now stuck with our bad decisions. Plus now we have the opportunity when our leaders are up for reelection to vote for someone else and try to fix the mess we are partially responsible. For creating or we can vote for the same people or not vote at all.

Voting is just something that we can do in democracies but that’s not the only thing that Democracy is about. And in the United States case we have certain basic freedoms that will probably never be taken away from us in the constitution. Because we do not do everything by majority-vote, U.S. Senate and Electoral College cases in point. But what Liberal-Democracy is really about is the freedom for the people to live their own lives and not be harassed by. Government not just about voting.


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