Richmond Times: Today’s Top Opinion: Expand Medicaid?: How to Reform Medicaid

Medicaid Expansion

Medicaid Expansion

Today’s top opinion: Expand Medicaid? – Richmond Times Dispatch: Opinion.

I support the idea of Medicaid that we have a health insurance program for low-income people whether they are working or not. But it has to be affordable for everyone including the hospitals and doctors that treat Medicaid patients. Which means that Medicaid has to be fully funded meaning that it isn’t an unfunded-mandate for states. And that it covers the healthcare that Medicaid patients receive that they need. Not luxury healthcare for lack of a better term but the basics that people need to live healthy. Which means that Medicaid can’t be free and that we have to finance it similar to how we finance Medicare. That its covered by the people and their employers who use it but also so its run by the states so they can deal with their. Own Medicaid populations under regulation by the Federal Government by that the Feds are no longer trying to run Medicaid.

The reason why you have a Medicaid program especially in a country that’s just decided by law. That everyone has to pay for their share of their healthcare costs. Is so that we eliminate uncompensated healthcare in the country and that our healthcare costs or spread out more. Evenly so people can no longer get out of not covering their own healthcare costs. That includes low-income Americans whether they are working or not. That’s why you have a Medicaid program and you require everyone to cover their own healthcare costs. Whether it’s through health insurance or a health savings account. Again that includes Medicaid but for this to work Medicaid has to be paid for and the way to do that which is fair to everyone. Including the people who are on Medicaid is to make Medicaid self-financed meaning that it pays for. Itself meaning that it has its own revenue stream source of revenue.

So that’s how I would reform Medicaid by requiring that people on it pay for their share. As well as their employers if they are working and if they are unemployed. They would get their Welfare or Unemployment Insurance or Disability Insurance checks increased and if they are. Working they would be eligible to get their earned income tax credit increased to cover healthcare. Rather than having states cut law-enforcement or schools or infrastructure. Or increase sales taxes to pay for Medicaid, instead Medicaid would be paid for by the people. Who use it and everyone would pay for their healthcare costs in this country.


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