The Atlantic: Philip Bump- President Obama’s Climate Change Speech in: How to Improve Our Economy & Environment

Energy Independence

Energy Independence


Source: The Atlantic: Phillip Bump- President Obama’s Climate Change Speech in Just Three Words: Less Coal, Finally 

I’m all for clean energy and a clean environment just as long as it doesn’t hurt our economy and doesn’t make us less competitive. Meaning we are forcing American companies and other companies that invest in the United States to play under different rules. That gives them an unfair disadvantage compared with their foreign competitors. So if we want to pass new environmental rules and polices, large countries that are developing fast or are already. Developed must be playing under the same rules as America. Notably China, Russia, India, Mexico and Brazil. Rather than forcing American companies and other companies that invest in the United States to go. Clean when they can remain dirty in these other countries and perhaps Europe as well. Since America can’t force these other large countries that all have large economies. To play by the same rules as they do for companies that invest in the United States. Without some type of treaty, that means the best way to improve our own environment and economy. Is to produce more clean energy in America and use more of it as well.

Which means the easiest and fastest way to a cleaner environment in the United States and perhaps world as a whole. Is for America to become energy-independent and stop importing Middle Eastern oil and other foreign oil. From countries that have weaker environmental policies than we do. Which means since we produce about every natural resource on this planet, if not every single one of them. Then we need to start producing a lot more of our own energy and doing this in an environmentally friendly way. To prevent spills and so forth and start producing more oil and natural gas in the short-term. As well as nuclear but also continue to produce natural gas, nuclear, solar and wind. More research and development to the point that we are producing all of these alternative energies along with our other resources. To the point that we get off of foreign oil all together which would only benefit our. Economy with all of the new jobs including research and development but with the new companies and. Industries but would also improve our environment and our foreign policy. With countries that we import from having less leverage over us.

But saying that we should stop producing and importing foreign oil and other domestic resources. Because you do not like them or they have environmental impacts without having an alternative to how we produce our own energy. Both in the short but long-term as well, would be devastating for our economy. With all of the job losses that would come with these industries that would be devastated. But also with the lost of energy resources to our economy as well.


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