American Thinker: Articles: Selwyn Duke: “Immigrationists and the Death of America”: What Neoconservatives Hate About Immigration

American Diversity

American Diversity

Articles: Immigrationists and the Death of America.

I’m going to try to write this post without sounded racial and try to put one race of people down. Which I don’t want to do as someone whose not a racist but what I’m going to do is put down a political faction of people with facts. Who happen to come from one race of people who is just a fact. A group within a broader race that thinks America has been going downhill since the 1960s with the cultural-revolution and the empowerment of. African-Americans and women which completely changed how the United States looked then and is. Continuing today when pre civil-rights laws, the role of African-Americans in society was to serve Caucasians and where women’s. Role in society was seen as in home raising their husbands children as men went to work to provide for their families. Immigration in America first starting from Eastern and Southern Europe in the early 1900s and now. Latinos from Latin America has completely changed the ethnic makeup of America from primarily an Anglo country where most of the European descendent’s came. From Britain to now where we have Slavs, Latinos and Asians immigrating to America as well.

How Americans tend to look at America both Democratic and Republican as a country of immigrants. From all over the world without really a native population as far as an ethnicity or race that originally started in America. Even American Indians originally came from somewhere else this is how America has been built. A country with a majority race of Caucasians but where this isn’t the native population. And within this race of people is a very ethnically diverse population but whose population is getting much smaller. And are a big part of a country that’s made up for Africans, Asians, Latin Americans, Middle Easterners. American Indians, South Asians and this tends to be seen as a strength in America. Except from this small ignorant Neoconservative population that see America as a New Britain where all. Other populations are seen as un-American, as welfare takers and people practicing strange non-Christian religions.

America has a population within a broader population of people. That sees non Anglo-Americans as un-American as people who do not deserve full American citizenship who are ruining the. Country and should go back to their native homelands and are still fighting the Civil War and haven’t accepted that they lost that. As well as the culture-war because they haven’t accepted they lost that as well. And haven’t accepted that this its no longer the 1950s and America has been more social tolerant and believes in things like personal freedom and economic freedom. And proud of our ethnic and racial diversity.


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