The Young Turks: Cenk Uygur- “Richard Nixon Invented War on Drugs to Attack Leftists”

Dave Barry

Dave Barry

Source: The Young Turks: Cenk Uygur- Richard Nixon Invested The War on Drugs to Attack Leftists

I think its pretty clear who funds the War on Drugs in America at least at the end of the day. To it bluntly and accurately the American tax payers who get screwed with a big bill to fund this bogus war that’s not even a real war. Because if this was a real war, the United States would be going after all narcotics in America and other potentially dangerous drugs. And drugs like alcohol and tobacco and perhaps even sugar and caffeine wouldn’t be legal either. Sugar, caffeine and even alcohol aren’t dangerous by themselves. A lot depends on how they are consumed and by who and if they are consumed in moderate does or not. But guess what marijuana falls into that category as well but marijuana of course is illegal in most states. And of course the Federal Government is still fighting the bogus failed War on Drugs. Which gets me to my next point of how the War on Drugs is funded by and by who. Which are its competitors and their customers.

Its called the alcohol and tobacco industries as well as people who produce junk food and soft drinks. And other food and beverages that Americans consume mostly for pleasure but that they eat and drink when they are thirsty and hungry. Who together along with the U.S. Government control what Americans can legally eat, drink and smoke in this country. And all of these groups have their lobbyists and their donations who pay or payoff even politicians. And Public officials who make sure that they do not see any real competition from products that Americans rather consume. Than alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, sugar, salt and others all drugs that are legal and come with serious negative consequences for the country. So for marijuana to be legal in America, you must have citizens and public officials willing and. Able to take on alcohol, tobacco, sugar, caffeine and salt as well as others who view a new approach to narcotics as. “Soft on crime” and will do anything they can to prevent that from happening.

So yes the United States Government is a big problem in the War on Drugs and no one against this bogus war disputes that. But they aren’t the only problem and wall that’s between a more realistic and sensible narcotics policy in this country. It’s the competition that marijuana would bring to its competitors as well as War on Drugs ideologues who believe that one of. Governments jobs is to protect people even at times from themselves.


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