Libertarianism.Org: Emma Goldman- The Individual, Society and The State: Defining Liberal Democracy

We The People

We The People

Source: Libertarianism.Org: Emma Goldman-The Individual, Society & The State

If you listen to todays so-called Progressives people who I call Social Democrats and the MSNBC talk lineup is a perfect example of that, with their commercials and editorials, they describe society and the state or government as if they are the same thing. “Society needs this and that and we as a country must have and do these things together.” What they are really saying is that we really need government to do these things for us. Especially the Federal Government and this is why we pay taxes when in fact government and society are two different things. Government in a liberal democracy, represents society the people and government is supposed to work for us.

Rather than society and government being the same thing. So in a liberal democracy, you have the state meaning government at all levels. You have the society which is the population as a whole and everything we produce for the country. And you have individuals who produce for themselves, but are also producing for society. What I’m in favor of is not so much democracy in the sense that it’s always direct and whatever is popular at the time, always wins out and where everything is done by majority-rule. And I’m not certainly not in favor of any type of dictatorship whether its secular, military or theocratic.

What I’m in favor of is liberal democracy. Where yes we have the right to vote. And where the majority does rule when it comes to elections especially. But where we have certain basic constitutional rights that can never be taken away from us except under extreme circumstances. Which is how we amend our Constitution. Where the people are free to live their own lives as long as they aren’t hurting innocent people with what they are doing. In other words, we free to live up to our full-potential and that opportunity to succeed in life and live in freedom. Is available to all of us until we lose that right by hurting innocent people.

So in liberal democracy, government represents the society and not society and government being the same thing. Where individuals are free to live their own lives and where we all have the opportunity to live in freedom. But where there are also basic rules in places not to protect the people from themselves. But to protect innocent people from those who would hurt innocent people. Society is the people as a whole and what we’ve produced for society and given it and even taken from it. Individuals, are ourselves and us as people. Government in liberal democratic form, is what represents the majority of the population at the time that they were elected. But society, individuals and government, aren’t all the same things with three different titles.
KIK: The Individual, Society & The State


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