Los Angeles Times: News: Paige St. John: California Prison Protests Begin With List of Demands: Rehabilitating Prisons

Solitary Confinement

Solitary Confinement

Prison protests begin with list of demands – latimes.com.

These California prison inmates aren’t doing this hunger strike because they hate the food. Which I’m sure they do anyway but this is not a suicidal mission on their part. But what they are doing is protesting the inhumane conditions of living in solitary confinement for an. Indefinite period of time with basically never knowing or having any idea when they may leave solitary and return to general population. And if I had to bet most if not all of these inmates are guilty of the crimes they’ve been convicted of. So I do not believe they deserve to be treated like Royals while in prison. But at the same time they are still human beings and Americans and deserve to be treated as such. Rather than as caged animals who never leave their cells and perhaps the only breaks in their monotony. Is their meal if you want to call what they eat food and that hour a day inside another cell again all by themselves.

These are men whether they are in prison or not and if they are in solitary confinement. Because they attacked a staff member or another inmate or are importing illegal items into the prison. Or are a member of a criminal gang and have been convicted of offenses as part of being in that gang while in prison and out of prison. Fine then they should do a stint in solitary for that but not for an indefinite period of time. And perhaps not even being forced to live in a cell by themselves twenty-four seven. But with opportunities to get themselves out of solitary with access to counseling, work and education even. A chance to improve themselves and being able to transfer to another unit if they give up their gangs if they. Are a member of one as well as positive things that they can do to occupy their time. Wile in solitary like reading and writing materials and better food to use as examples.

Prison inmates deserve to be treated as such because they are in prison. But they are still human beings and people in prison who deserve the opportunity to improve themselves. Which would be better for them, as well as the prisons, the staff because these inmates would be. Easier to managed but also for the tax payers because now these people would be able to be productive. And prisons wouldn’t need as much in tax revenue to pay for their operations.


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