EEconomics: Special- Tax Inequality in America: Why The Rich By Law Pay More

'Price We Pay For a Civilize Society'

‘Price We Pay For a Civilize Society’

Source: EEconomics: Special- Tax Inequality in America.

Ah the beauty of freedom of the press where you can report things that just back up your story. Rather than reporting the full story or any facts that can contradict your ideological arguments. Which is what you see in this video now I’m going to give the rest of that picture.

The reason why the wealthy before tax deductions and moving their money out of the country and credits. Pay more than Joe truck drive and Marry teacher in taxes at least pre tax deductions. Is very simple because they make a hell of a lot more money. That is what a Progressive income tax system is about. The more you make the more you pay in taxes so people aren’t taxed so heavily that they can’t afford to live because so much of their money is. Going to government and you could make a pretty good argument that Americans today are already taxed too high. But this is why we have a Progressive income tax system. So government doesn’t get so much of our money that we can’t afford to pay our own bills. Because of so much of what we make goes to government. Rather than having higher tax rates on the bottom and lower at the top. Where the wealthy would do very well there but where we would make it impossible for low-income people to pay their bills.

But if you want a serious discussion to figure out how to get more people contributing to the tax pie. And more Americans paying more in taxes. Then we have to do three things. Have less low-income people and more people paying taxes. And for that to happen these people who tend to also be low-skilled need opportunities to get themselves good skills. So they can get themselves a good job and not collecting any form of public assistance. And then you want more people paying taxes and encouraging more people to do well economically. Stop taxing workers based on income and let’s scrap the income tax. And replace it with a what I call a Progressive Consumption Tax. Gary Johnson the Libertarian nominee for President in 2012 had a similar idea. Let’s tax people based on what they consume from society rather than what they produce for society.

You want to have more tax payers and less what are called tax takers. People who live off of tax deductions and credits as well as public assistance. Then we need more workers in the middle class and less low-income people. And that gets to things like educational and job-training opportunities for these people. And scrapping the current income tax and replacing it with a Progressive Consumption Tax.


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