Liberty Pen- Walter Block- Prostitution: The Oldest Entertainment Profession in The World

Attachment-1-153Source: Liberty Pen: Walter Block- Prostitution

Prostitution is not the oldest profession in the world for nothing. Prostitutes perform a service that people generally men want to have and are willing to pay for to be pleasure. And whatever happens whether prostitution remains illegal in the United States or not. Prostitution will always remain in the world whether it is legal or not. Knowing these obvious facts especially when we are talking about a profession that involve two consenting. Adults that are in the business of pleasuring each other. The customer being rewarded by companionship physical companionship even and the prostitute being rewarded by money. We are not talking about murder or rape or assault but a profession involving two consenting adults. Are involved in a trade with each other that they choose to be a part of. Knowing all of these facts what we should be doing instead of trying to wipeout a profession that we know. Will always be part of our society what we should be doing is legalizing prostitution to make it as safe as possible through regulation. And make tax payers out of people who work in this profession rather than tax takers.


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