Liberty Pen: Walter E Williams, 1991- Coalition Building For Libertarians

Attachment-1-155Source: Liberty Pen: Walter E. Williams, 1991 – Coalition Building For Libertarians

Libertarians at least in the classical sense, people who believe people should have the right to live their own lives as they see fit, as long as they aren’t hurting any innocent person with what they’re doing, have a lot in common with Liberals such as myself. And a lot of Conservatives in the classical sense of people who believe in federalism and at the very least the Federal Government shouldn’t try to regulate morality short of predatory behavior which is people hurting innocent people. As well as people who aren’t very political in an ideological sense. Who believe in responsible limited government and probably don’t believe all narcotics should be legal and probably aren’t in bed with Libertarians when it comes to legalize prostitution, ( how bout that pun) but believe that government shouldn’t be running our lives for us, but doing things that we can’t do for ourselves.

Libertarians are people who believe in both economic and personal freedom something I believe in as a Liberal. That percentage of the country is very strong and is growing with young adults who voted in the last election. But these people are Liberals or Conservatives or Conservative Libertarians in Senator Rand Paul’s case or Liberal Libertarians in Gary Johnson’s case. The Libertarian Party nominee for President in 2012. People who lean libertarian, but do not follow the libertarian line all the way and aren’t so much anti-government, or state, but anti-big government, which is different. And these are the people who self-describe their politics as libertarian the Libertarian Part should be working with if they ever hope of going anywhere in America politically and advancing their political agenda. And seeing policies and laws put into place that they agree with like decentralizing government, ending the War on Drugs, getting rid of at least parts of the Patriot Act and so-forth.

It is not so much compromise that Libertarians should be going after to advance their political movement. But working with people who agree with them on some issues and work with them to get those things passed. And as much as the other issues that they can get with these other coalitions to limit government as much as possible and to advance the cause of individual liberty and responsibility. Again if the end end-goal is to create a libertarian society which again in the classical sense at least would mean at least some government involvement in society and even at the national level, then that takes political power to make that happen. And you can do that by by having a third-party that brings Conservative Libertarians over from the Republican Party and what is left of Liberal Democrats in the Democratic Party. That is JFK Democrats and Thomas Jefferson’s vision that all Americans should be free, even if he didn’t mean for that to apply to Africans, other non-Europeans and even European-American women. Or you invade one of the two major parties with your libertarian movement and remake one of the two major parties to build your libertarian future.


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