Roll Call: Opinion- Morton Kondracke- GOP Faces 20 Years in Desert Without DLC-Like Moderation: The Consequences of Moving Too Far in One Direction

Confederate Republicans

Confederate Republicans

Source: Roll Call: Opinion- Morton Kondracke- GOP Faces 20 Years in Desert Without DLC-Like Moderation | Pennsylvania Avenue.

Pre late 1960s the Democratic-Left was made up of Liberals in the real sense and Progressives in the real sense. Not the so-called Liberals and Progressives of today but real Liberals and Progressives. Progressives from the FDR New Deal era of the 1930s and 40s and Liberals from the Kennedy era of the Democratic Party in the 1960s. And these people did believe that government could play a positive role in Americans lives. But in a limited sense and didn’t have a government social program to solve every problem and believed that if Americans were. Just taxed as high as let’s say the Swedes and we became a Social-Democracy with government playing a much bigger role in Americans lives. That all of our problems would be solved and these Liberals and Progressives weren’t anti business. Or anti Capitalism they saved American-Capitalism in the 1930s but they also believed that business shouldn’t control government or. The people who it needed to be regulated effectively and they should pay their fair share of taxes. And these Liberals and Progressives weren’t anti military either. These were the original cold-warriors who took America to war in World War II. But they also believed that our military should be limited and not try to police the world.

In the late 1960s this all started to change thanks to Vietnam War and the protests that came from it. And a new generation of people who didn’t want to be told what to do and how to live their lives. Who were anti business, anti military and anti law enforcement and perhaps anti Capitalism all together. That wanted to see what Social-Democrats call Social Justice. A more Socialist government oriented economy where no one was able to become rich and have too much. The Democratic-Left had a new political coalition of people who I call the New-Left in America. People who are basically Socialist-Anarchists who see governments main job is to take care of people with a welfare-state. With all sorts of social programs. Prosecute all sorts of white-collar criminals especially of they are Caucasian men. And prosecute Caucasians if they harm racial-minorities or women of all races. The Republican Party is in a similar position today but coming from the Far-Right or Neo-Right.

Now it’s not the Democratic Party that can’t win presidential elections. But it is the Republican Party that has lost 4-6 presidential elections and on course to lose 5-7. But to make it worse for them they’ve now lost four straight U.S. Senate elections as far as who. Controls the U.S. Senate with Senate Democrats now holding control of the Senate since 2007. And will continue to have the majority at least until 2015 unless Senate Republicans win back the Senate in 2014. Despite the fact that House Republicans have controlled the House since 2011. And why is this because the Republican Party is no longer a Conservative party. Conservatives do not run the Republican Party at least at the grassroots level. The Republicans grassroots are now run by people who I call Confederates. The religious and Neoconservatives in the party who get’s to decide or at least have a strong influence by. What positions Republican presidential and Senate candidates take. Far-Right positions that some of these Republicans wouldn’t normally take like Mitt Romney in 2012.

It is one thing to have kids at a party that is for adults or at a dinner like that. But it is another thing to let the kids run the party or dinner when that is the job of the adults. And what the Democratic Party went through with its Far-Left in the 1970s and 80s. Before the Democratic Leadership Council emerged a Center-Left Liberal-Democratic think take and. Political organization is what the Republican Party is going through today. With its Far-Right and the Republican Party will never win back the presidency and U.S. Senate. By just appealing to the Bible Belt and winning states there. They have to win in the Midwest at the presidential and U.S. Senate level as well. Big states like Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin to be a competitive national party again. They need an organization on the Center-Right and their own Conservative version of Bill Clinton to become a governing party again.

If the Bible Belt just wants Confederates leading them at the state level. People who want to take America back to the 1950s or even 1850s. Then they can have those types of Republicans running their governments. But to be a national governing party you have to be able and win outside of your most loyal comfort zone of voters. Who you know will vote for you because frankly they have no where else to go.


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