Truthout: Op-Ed: Prisons, State Budgets and The New National Freedom Agenda: Building on Liberal-Democracy

Economic Freedom

Economic Freedom

Prisons, State Budgets and the New National Freedom Agenda.

This just in I have breaking news for all of you Social-Democrats in America looking to create a Social-Democracy in America. Even in a Socialist-Utopia that you guys and gals would like to create. There will always be a need for jails, prisons, law-enforcement a military. Things that Social-Democrats tend to be against and do not want to invest in. And rather just use government to spend money on and create some welfare-state of social programs to take. Care of people and provide people with all sorts of public-services they do not trust individuals and companies to provide for themselves. Just accepting these basic facts it then becomes about what is the purpose of corrections in America and how do you prevent people. From having to go to jail or prison in the first place as well as what do we do with the people who’ll make mistakes and end up in jail or prison anyway. Rather than having some grand vision that you can create a society that doesn’t need jails or prison or. Law-enforcement or a military.

The facts are education and job-training are a much more cheaper and a much better investment for tax payers. Then a corrections system and this is what education reform is about. How to create an education system that produces more people who are able to take care of themselves. And do well in life and would never even consider breaking the law under normal circumstances. And the more people who finish high school with a diploma and the skills to do well in life and move on to college and do well there. And get a degree or at least complete community college. The less of a need we’ll have for jails and prisons because the more productive and educated workers we’ll have in society who are making good money. And do not need to turn to crime and become criminals and the less money we end up having to spend on. Public assistance because the more workers we have doing well in society.

And when you get to the people who need to be in jail or prison but will at some point be freed. If you do not want to see them back in prison and what tax payers wouldn’t. Then empower them to get the skills that they need to do well on the outside legally so they. Can give up their criminal careers and become productive people on the outside contributing well. To society and no longer a threat to society and that gets to education, job-training and work while they are in prison. Doing jobs that will pay them well on the outside.

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