Richmond Times: Today’s Top Opinion: Charter Schools: School Choice Key to Education Reform

Richmond Charter Schools

Richmond Charter Schools

Today’s top opinion: A charter, or not – Richmond Times Dispatch: Opinion.

The American public education system is not a monopoly in the sense that all schools in America K-12 as well as higher education are public. But most of them are and if you can’t afford to send your kid to a private school. You are essentially stuck in a public school monopoly where they decide where your kids go to school based on where they live. Rather than what is the best school for them and if that is a bad school. Your kids are stuck in a bad school and since they already come from a low-income family because they aren’t in a school. That will allow for them to get the skills that they need to do well in life. Now they are on course to not only be low-income as a student. But as an adult as well because they will not unless they get a break along the way. Their parents getting a good job or winning a private school scholarship or something. Unless something like this happens they are now on course to be low-income as an adult even if they finish high school.

This is why school choice is critical for not only our low-income students but our students in general. To breakup the educational monopoly for our low-income students and to allow for all of our students no matter their income level. To have a good opportunity to get the skills that they need to do well in life. Starting at K-12 so they have the opportunity to do well in college if they are able to go. Which is also something we need to do to provide universal access to higher education or what I call UAHE for short. But before that we need a lot more college ready students that we aren’t currently and part of that is because we have. So many students in America being forced to go to a certain school based on where they live. Whether that is a good school for them or not and we need to end that and the Federal Government can help with that. By providing funds for public school choice as well as charter schools.

So yes I’m in favor as a Liberal-Democrat but also just as an individual of public school choice including charter schools. To put competition inside of the public school system which would force low-performing schools and schools in general. To do a good job or risk losing students rather than forcing students to go to schools where they won’t be able to. Get the skills that they need to do well in life.


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