Cato: Video: Molly M. Gill: Overcriminalization: Why so Many People are in Prison in America

Prison Industry

Prison Industry

Overcriminalization (Molly M. Gill) – YouTube.

One of the reasons why we have so many people in prison in America. Is because we has so many criminal offenses that result in prison sentences upon being convicted of the crime. And I’m not talking about violent offenses like rape and murder to use as examples. But nonviolent offenses like the War on Drugs or prostitution or gambling, petty theft and other scams. People who simply made stupid mistakes that aren’t yet career criminals who in a lot of cases. Shouldn’t get a slap on the risk and told not to do it again but do not need to be in prison either. For the sake of society because they aren’t a threat to society. As well as having too many activities that are illegal in America where these activities are not. Threats to society either meaning the people in these activities aren’t hurting anyone other than maybe themselves. The War on Drugs another perfect example but prostitution and gambling would be other good examples. So you combine nonviolent offenders in prisons, as well as people who are prison for doing things that shouldn’t be illegal. And you get the largest prison population in the world.


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