ReasonTV: Video: Nick Gillespie: ‘Detroit’s Tragedy and How to Fix It’

Mo Town

Mo Town

Detroit's Tragedy and How to Fix It – YouTube.

It’s hard to remain a great big that Detroit use to be when so many Detroit kids aren’t able to get a good education. And are left with a life of crime and poverty as a result. Meaning the people in the city who are well-educated and have good jobs. End up leaving the city where they and their kids will be safe. And when your law-enforcement can’t adequately protect its residents and as a result people move out of the city. That is the bad news about Detroit but the good news about Detroit is that it is started to rebound. With auto industry coming back and with Detroit now attracting and bringing in other business’s with good jobs. For Detroit to fully comeback, its education system is going to have to provide a good education for at least. Most of their students and the crime in Detroit simply is going to have to go down. For people to want to move back to Detroit and move into Detroit.


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