Common Sense Capitalism: Video: Milton Friedman: How Can We Solve the Welfare Problem

Welfare to Work

Welfare to Work

Milton Friedman: How Can We Solve the Welfare Problem – YouTube.

To solve the problems of poverty in America I believe are fairly simple as far as what should be done. But a hell of a lot harder to get passed into law because they’ll be viewed and demagogue even as mean-spirited. And trying to force people to do things even if it improves their standard of living. Rather than just giving people in poverty the option to try to improve themselves. But I’ll take what should be done first and then explain why it would be difficult to get it passed into law.

To move people out of poverty and off of welfare in a positive way that benefits society. Without making the problem worse because you would have fewer people on public assistance. More people who are well-skilled and economically independent and paying taxes rather than. Collecting so much in taxes is actually pretty simple. People on public assistance simply need not only the means to pay their bills in the short-term. As they are working themselves out of poverty and that comes with cash-assistance. Either through welfare or unemployment insurance but they also need the means to improve themselves. Get themselves the skills that they need to be able to get a good job and no longer need public assistance. Either working or still collecting public assistance as a worker. We have millions of Americans working and still living in poverty and still collecting public assistance. Like public housing and food assistance to use as examples. So the idea is to empower these people working and otherwise to get themselves a good job so they can get out of poverty. Not live in poverty working or otherwise but with a good job to get themselves out of poverty.

So what we should be doing is giving recipients of public assistance essentially a contract. That says the tax payers will help you cover your bills in the short-term. But what you’ll do in exchange is go back to school or finish your education high school, college, vocational. In a lot of cases at least two of those will be needed and we’ll even give you the resources to go back to school. And if they have kids resources to pay for childcare if they need it. So they can finish their education and get themselves the skills that they need to get a good job and get out of poverty all together. And as long as people on public assistance whether they are working or not are holding up their end of the contract. The tax payers will support them and this would make public assistance a stepping stone to life outside of poverty. And into the middle class, rather than a rest stop on the road of life where people get. Satisfied about living in poverty and see no other way for them to live.

The reason why this type of plan would be so hard to get into law. To put it simply for one it would work and we would have fewer Americans living in poverty. So for people who make their living advocating for financial assistance for low-income Americans. Their business so to speak would become smaller and less valuable because they would have fewer people to. Advocate for but also because Americans would see an alternative to dealing with poverty in America. That it is not about government taking care of people indefinitely to always see that their needs are met for them. Or the other approach that government shouldn’t anything but this different approach. That there is a role for government but that government doesn’t have the only role, especially the Federal Government. And that government should be about helping to lift people out of poverty rather than leaving people in poverty with a few more. Bucks, a roof over their head a little more to eat.

So that is what I would do along with sending the power and responsibility of social insurance to the people on the ground. The state and local governments, as well as the non-profits who work in the area of social welfare. To empower these people who see for themselves the problems and conditions of poverty. To be able to deal with these issues and have the Feds serve as a regulator and financier instead.

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