Hoover Institution: Video: Issues on My Mind: Strategies for the Future, by George P. Shultz

Secretary of Realism

Secretary of Realism

Issues on My Mind: Strategies for the Future, by George P. Shultz (Book Trailer) – YouTube.

Seems to me that Secretary George Schultz is calling for a return to old says so to speak. That government should get back to doing things the way they use to be done by calling for. Regular order in Congress to use as an example, that American government use to work better because. It was governed better and differently.

Secretary Schultz’s ideas on energy and the War on Drugs are examples of taking a new and more thoughtful approach in the sense. Of looking at new ways to deal with narcotics in America by saying that as long as Americans want illegal narcotics. We are going to have illegal narcotics and arrest people for possessing and using these narcotics. And continue to pay the costs for this so-called war unless we change the way we deal with. Narcotics in America and look at why they are here and why people want them. And based this new policy around that rather than just telling people no and if they say no. We’ll lock you up in prison or jail for supposedly your own good. I like his economic ideas as well as on immigration that we need to deal with the real world. Rather than trying to deal with a world that we want instead. So in this sense George Schultz is a real pragmatist.


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