▶Liberty Pen: Video: John Stossel: The Welfare State

Government Run Paternalism

Government Run Paternalism

▶ John Stossel – The Welfare State – YouTube.

The Welfare State-
A collection of social insurance programs designed to meet the basic needs of the people managed by the central government. Financed by tax payers at our expense, the people fiance the programs and then collect from them to meet their basic needs.

As I’ve blogged before I’m not in favor of what is called the welfare-state and I’m close to Charles Murray on this. That if we are going to have social insurance programs to help people who can’t meet their basic needs. That these programs should be designed for the people who need them and for the people who can take care of themselves. They would be expected to do that for themselves and not collect a government pension if they can finance their own. Pension or government-run healthcare and health insurance if they can get it in the private sector. Or government-funded childcare or be forced to send their kids to public schools if they have the money to send them to private schools and choose to do so. That instead of having a welfare-state, we would essentially be doing what FDR created in the 1930s with. The New Deal and what LBJ expanded in the 1960s with the Great Society. But run it differently, a safety-net just for the people who need it but empowered to help those people get on their. Own feet through education, job-training and job-placement. Run at the state and local levels, even the non-profit private sector being involved as well.


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