▶ Ayn Rand Institute: Video: Don Watkins: Changing the Debate: “How to Move from an Entitlement State to a Free Market”: How The Free Market Doesn’t Exist

Entitlement Society

Entitlement Society

▶ Changing the Debate: How to Move from an Entitlement State to a Free Market – Don Watkins – YouTube.

This is the correct title for this lecture because there is no such thing as a free market in America. And perhaps anywhere else in the developed world. What America and other developed countries have are private markets. Capitalism, private-enterprise, private-ownership, property-rights that are all subjected to taxes and regulations. To fund the government to do the things that government is supposed to be doing according to each of these countries and how. They are set up and what government has the authority to do in these countries.

As a Free-Liberal or Free-Democrat someone who believes in freedom from a Liberal perspective. I’m not a Libertarian so I’m not looking for a complete free market in the United States. For reasons I’ve already blogged about before on this blog. And it goes to the basic fact that Capitalism and government which are both necessary and valuable. Both have their flaws and limitations as well as strengths. So what you need to deal with those things is have a system that promotes the strengths and values of both. While at the same time having a foundation and insurance system to deal with the weakness’ and flaws of both. So what I’m in favor of doing is having a system based around education that promotes both. Economic and personal freedom that has an insurance system for people who do not have the freedom to take care of. Themselves that helps them while they are down but also helps them back up so they don’t need to or are able to collect. From that insurance indefinitely but instead have the freedom to take care of themselves instead.


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