▶ Rare US 2013: Video: MSNBC Host Ari Berman Thinks Detroit is a Libertarian City

Bankrupt City

Bankrupt City

▶ MSNBC Host Ari Berman Thinks Detroit is a Libertarian City – YouTube.

This is why I don’t get a lot of news from MSNBC because well they don’t have a hell of a lot of news to report. This idea that Detroit is a Libertarian city when they have had forty years of Democratic governments. And government miss management, failing public education, high crime and poverty as a result of those things. By the way I’m a Democrat but these things are true.

Look I wouldn’t have a problem with a Federal bailout of Detroit still one of American’s biggest and best cities to live at. As one our most important but as long as it is done under certain conditions. The main one being that it is not a bailout, that Detroit pays back the money it is lent to them plus interest. And the Federal Government doesn’t borrow the money to give to Detroit but it finances this loan package by paying for it. And I wouldn’t even have a problem with setting up a long-term public loan program like a bank. That would be in the business of lending money to governments that are facing tough economic and. Financial times as long as it is not run by Congress or the administration but works independent of. Those organizations with oversight from both. This is something that the United States could do for its states, counties and cities that would be financed. By the governments that take loans out of this program and buys its insurance.


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