▶Common Sense Capitalism: Video: Milton Friedman vs Public Housing Advocate

Life in The Projects

Life in The Projects

▶ Milton Friedman vs Public Housing Advocate – YouTube.

I don’t have a problem with public housing being used to prevent homelessness which would cause other problems for society. My problem with public housing is how it is managed and set up which is my main problem with a lot of these social insurance programs. That in a lot of cases are designed to keep people in poverty but with a little more money. Rather than being designed to help people get out of poverty. So what we see as a result like with public housing. Is families living their whole lives in public housing. Because they either didn’t take advantage of the opportunities that they had to get out of poverty. Like dropping out of high school to use as an example. Or were confined to having to go to failing schools their whole time growing up because where these public housing units tend to be set up. In low-income high crime neighborhoods where life is about survival even in school. Rather than being about getting a good education which goes to one failure of public housing. Which is having all of these units rough neighborhoods and communities rather than in. Middle class communities where these tenants would at least have a shot at getting out of poverty.


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