Being Liberal vs. Being Libertarian: How Liberals and Libertarians are Similar & Where They are Different

Individual Liberty

Individual Liberty

In the rest of the developed world except for perhaps Canada. The left of center party, not Far-Left which is different is called a Socialist or Social-Democratic Party. A political party that has strong Social-Democratic roots and policies and their members view themselves. As Social-Democrats like in Britain, France, Sweden and in Germany where the left of center party is actually called the Social-Democratic Party. But in America the left of center party the Democratic Party is viewed as a Liberal Party. Which is fine with me as both a Liberal and as a Democrat but the problem that I have is the Democratic Party is made up of both. Liberal-Democrats such as myself but also people who in Europe would be viewed as Social-Democrats. Like U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and U.S Representative Jim McDermott and other Democratic members of Congress. Both in the House and Senate but in America they are viewed as Liberals even though they want to make America more like Europe. Economically with further government involvement in the economy and more government involvement in how Americans get. Services that they need and so forth and are more than willing to admit to this. Rather than keeping the strong traditional Liberal-Democrats roots that the United States was founded on. And keeping our individualistic culture in place.

When you think of Libertarians think of people like Ron Paul or Milton Friedman. But when you think of Liberals, actually think of real Liberals and not just people who call themselves. Liberals because they don’t want Americans to view them as Socialist or Social-Democratic. And ruin their political careers because of the negative stereotypes that come with Socialism in America. Instead think of actual Liberals like Wendell Willkie, John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton. Or today people like U.S. Senator Ron Wyden or Senate Assistant Leader Dick Durbin. People who aren’t anti-government but also understand the limitations of both government and the private sector. And also believe in freedom that individuals should have the freedom to be able to do as much as they possibly can for themselves. With government being there to protect innocent people from predators but not try to protect individuals from themselves. With a safety-net in place for people who need it. Rather than having a government that is so big and so expansionist that it is designed to do practically everything for the people.

To get to the title of the blog though the main difference between Liberals and Libertarians. Has to do with the role of government, Libertarians tend to be anti-government all together at least today. And sound more like Anarcho-Libertarian or Anarchists than they do Libertarian. But the main difference between a classical-Liberal which would probably be the easiest way to describe my own politics. But I’m not a Libertarian and a classical-Libertarian has to do with the role of government. Classical-Libertarians like lets say someone like Milton Friedman would shrink the Federal Government all the way down to. Defense, state, justice, treasury, perhaps homeland security, intelligence, the Federal court system. But everything else would go that has been created since the Great Depression. Whereas Liberals would keep the safety-net in place but in my case I would want it run by. The state and local government and even involve non-profits in the private sector. And reform these programs so they are designed to empower people who are in need to get themselves on. Their feet so they have the freedom to be able to take care of themselves.

What Liberals and Libertarians have in common is that we both believe in individual freedom and responsibility. And what does that mean, well it is fairly simple that individuals have the freedom to live their own lives. As long as they aren’t acting predatory towards innocent people. That is we aren’t infringing on the rights of innocent people to live their own lives. Not hurting innocent people who comes with a lot of both economic and personal freedom. Which is why as a Liberal if you follow this blog you see me quite often posting things about Libertarians who I respect and agree with on some key issues.


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