History: 1963 March on Washington



Jobs & Justice

Jobs & Justice

Source: History: 1963 March on Washington

The 1963 March on Washington was simply about freedom and equal rights for an entire race of Americans. That being denied access to American freedom simply because of their race and color in America. Not allowed to go to good schools, get banks at loans, denied health care, housing, groceries, jobs, etc. Simply because of their race and complexion and were being denied these things by people who use to be their legal. (But unconstitutional slave masters) Who didn’t voluntarily give up that ownership and actually fought and lost the American Civil War over that. Who believed that if they can’t hold Africans as salves, than they can instead deny them the same access that they have in America and simply not serve or hire them. And the African-American community finally fought back in the 1960s.


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