NBC News: Meet The Press- Dr. Martin L. King From 1963



Equal Rights Under Law

Equal Rights Under Law

Source: NBC News: Meet The Press- Dr. Martin Luther King in 1963

Dr. Martin Luther King being interviewed by NBC News in 1963 about the upcoming March on Washington. Which was a march for freedom and equal rights for an entire class and race in America. The African-American community that was simply denied their constitutional rights and access in America, simply because of their race and color in America. And Dr. King wasn’t the first to standup and fight back against this pure and obvious racism, but he was the strongest fighter and leader in this movement. And freedom movement and fights of equality, are still a big deal today, but back in the 1960s they were revolutionary. Because at least pre-1963 March on Washington America was a very culturally conservative status-quo movement. Where people who believed in different things and different approaches, were expected to keep silent about those different beliefs.



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