Optimized Self: Wayne Dyer: The Dangers of Ignorance

Wayne Dyer

Source: Optimized Self: Wayne Dyer- Willful Ignorance Leads to Failure

“The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you know nothing about.” Also sounds like the definition of an asshole to me. The moronic version of the asshole who has a bad habit of speaking out of their ass and talking about things generally in a negative fashion that they don’t know a damn thing about. Theres’s nothing wrong with going off on something that you see as negative and perhaps dangerous when you’re knowledgable about what you’re talking about. The know the subject or thing is simply bad and you believe that others need to know that so they don’t make mistakes in that area. Smart educated people do that all the time.

It’s the person who claims to an expert on something that they’re going off on when in actuality they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. A perfect example would be bigotry like racism where people will hate another race of people simply because of how they look. Or they saw someone from one race do something horrible and immediately assume that every member of that race is just as bad, or a bad person as well. And that is just one example, but religion would be another one where the Far-Left will assume all Southern Christians are bigots. And the Far-Right will assume that all Muslims are terrorists, or supporters of terrorists.

People should just into the habit of speaking to what they know and form their beliefs on that. Not assuming that people they trust and respect knows everything about everything and that can let that person do their thinking for them. Assuming can be dangerous as well. An old teacher of mind once asked me, “why shouldn’t I assume?” And I didn’t have a good answer for him, because I never heard the question before, or even thought about it. He told me, “because it makes an ass out of you and me.” People should know things and when you things and have intelligence then you can form your belief system and philosophy. Instead of making snap judgements about something that you saw and assuming that is how everything is.


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