Academy of Ideas: John Stuart Mill on Liberty- Defining Liberalism

American Liberty
Source: Academy of Ideas: John Stuart Mill on Liberty

If you are going to have a society that is about liberty, freedom, equal justice and rights for all, then for those things to be real and not just goals, or phrases those things can’t just be about a flag, or a statue as beautiful as they are. They have to apply to everyone and it can’t just be about economic freedom. And economic freedom can’t just be for people born to wealth and decide to work for corporations. End up running them or are born with a great gift and end up as a successful entertainer.

But economic freedom has to apply to everyone and everyone has to have a good shot at. Obtaining and living in freedom and of course however long they live in freedom. And what they do with the opportunities in front of them is entirely up to them. So in other words freedom can’t just be a symbol and mostly applied to people born to wealth. Or born to entertain, but freedom has to be real for all of us whether they are business managers. Or blue-collar laborers and everyone else.

Individual liberty can’t just be about economic, or religious freedom for Christians. Or controlled mostly by men from a certain race born in a certain country. That for America to live up to its full-potential and what it stands for. Freedom has to be available to everyone and it had to include personal freedom as well. Or the United States Constitution doesn’t mean a hell of a lot. I’m a Liberal not because I want big government with a huge welfare-state to take care of everyone for themselves.

Who doesn’t give a damn about personal responsibility when you have government funded by taxpayers who live in freedom to constantly take care of everyone. Because that is not what liberalism is about, but I’m a Liberal because I believe in liberty both economic and personal for everyone. That I want a society and country that works for everybody. Where we all do our part because we all have the freedom to do so. That is really what liberalism is about. Power to the people to be able to take care of themselves.

As a Liberal I believe that the number one job of government is to protect and defend freedom. As well as expand freedom for those who don’t have it, but deserve it. But also take freedom away from people who have it, but no longer deserve it. Because they’ve infringed on an innocent person’s freedom. That once you believe freedom is safe and secure, that is when you lose it. And I hope my blogging reflects that.

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