Liberty Pen: John Stossel- Fracking Fears


Source: Liberty Pen– John Stossel

Source: Liberty Pen: John Stossel- Fracking Fears

The opposition to fracking comes from the Far-Left who do not want private energy companies at all. At least as it has to do with oil and gas and would like to see these industries outlawed or nationalized. And completely go to renewable energy resources. I support renewable energy and think it has to be part of an overall national energy policy to get us off of foreign oil. And moving this country finally towards energy independence something we should’ve already had started in the late 1960s when tensions in the Middle East a place where we are dependent on oil arose. The problem is that our renewable energy resources are not developed to the point that we can just quit oil and gas and completely move to those resources. So what we need to do as we are developing our renewables, is continue to develop and produce more of the energy resources that are mature that we already have. And regulate them responsibly so they are as safe as possible as we develop a broader national energy policy.


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