Artie Lon: Video: Kevin Pollak Impressions

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Kevin Pollak is one of my favorite impersonators because he not only seems to know the people he’s impersonating, but seems to be inside their heads as well. It is as if coming out into the world and doing his standup routine is his part-time gig. But his real job, even though I’m sure he gets paid a hell of a lot less money, is to live inside the heads of people like Bill Shatner, Peter Falk, Al Brooks and many others. I think he does a Bill Clinton as well. Which is a job he’s more than qualified being somewhat of a small man himself living inside of some really big heads.

One reason why I love Star Trek to go along with realism of it of people being able to live year round on a spaceship thousands of miles away from Earth. And never running out of the basic supplies that humans needing and aliens from galaxies far, far away from places no one as gone before. Aliens who speak perfect English, not just human languages like Arabic or Chinese or something else, but they speak perfect English. (Ha ha) But they had a comedian for a captain in Jim Kirk played by Bill Shatner.

Pollak I believe understands that as well as anyone that Shatner is a very funny man and that he brings his comedic side really to all of his roles. So why would such an unbelievable sci-fi show like Star Trek be any different. If we can believe that aliens always speak perfect English and that people can simply materialize out of thin-air by being beamed down from a spaceship thousands or at least hundreds of miles away, why not be able to believe that the captain of the ship is a comedian. And Kevin Pollak gets that, which is why make Captain Kirk seem even funnier than perhaps Captain Kirk himself.

The Real Captain Kirk?

The Real Captain Kirk?


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