Free to Choose Network: Video: Milton Friedman on Equality, Family & Lottery

No Equality Without Liberty

No Equality Without Liberty

Milton Friedman on Equality, Family & Lottery – YouTube.

Milton Friedman- Without liberty you can’t have equality or liberty

What I take from that is for people to be successful and for societies to be successful. People need a certain amount of liberty for them to achieve otherwise we are only going to be able. To obtain what government gives us rather than seeing what we can obtain for ourselves. Where I would differ with Professor Friedman and other Libertarians is where it comes to opportunity. That people aren’t born with the tools they need to be successful in life. We obtain these things generally as we are growing up certainly with natural talents but we. Still need to learn how to utilize those talents and that is where education comes in. I believe Libertarians tend to agree with that as well but where we differ is where government. Comes in where Libertarians tend to want government to go away when it comes to education. Where I believe government has a role here to see that everyone has a good opportunity to achieve a good education in life. And what they make of those opportunities is up to them.


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