Basic Economics: Milton Friedman- The Role of Government in a Free Society

Freedom is Worth Defending

Freedom is Worth Defending

Source: Basic Economics: Milton Friedman- The Role of Government in a Free Society

The role of government in a free society is to protect individual freedom not run our lives. But to regulate how people interact with each other and what does that mean. That individuals, free adults that is are able to live their own lives but are solely responsible. For the decisions that they make for good and bad. That it is not governments job to run our lives for us and try to protest use from ourselves but it is also not the job to bail out. People without cost to them when they do make mistakes. I don’t like the term free society because that implies that people are free to do anything. No in a country with rule of law that is not the case. But in a Liberal-Democracy which is different and what I’m in favor of as a Liberal. Comes certain basic fundamental constitutional rights that can’t be eliminated by popular vote. And the most important right is the ability for free adults to own themselves. And be able to make their own decisions with their own lives but again be held responsible for their own. Decisions but what we aren’t free to do is get away from our responsibilities especially when we infringe on other people’s freedom. By hurting innocent people and that is where rule of law comes in.


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