▶Liberty Pen: Video: Thomas Sowell: On Liberalism

Right-Wing Professor

Right-Wing Professor

▶ Thomas Sowell: On Liberalism – YouTube.

Tom Sowell not offering much of a definition on Liberalism which is basically the title of this video. But when it comes to gay marriage, he gets on so-called Liberals on a regular basis for being in favor of big government. Because he believes they are against individual freedom and so forth. Yet he believes that government should deny people who are in love with each other from getting married simply because they are gay. He puts Gays and Straights in different classes and categories when it comes to marriage. So this video doesn’t give me much to work with when it comes to how Tom Sowell thinks about Liberalism. So I’m going to give what I believe Liberalism is and my definition of it that is actually shared by other. Real Liberals as well as the partisan right-wing view of Liberalism whether it comes from Libertarians or other Rightists.

There’s what is called classical-Liberalism and modern-Liberalism. I don’t have a problem with the term classical-Liberalism as long as we are talking about Liberalism and not. Libertarianism which is obviously something similar in that they both believe in a high degree of individual freedom. But very different when it comes to the role of government. Libertarians today essentially do not believe in government except when it comes to national security and perhaps foreign policy and law enforcement. And enforcing contracts that are agreed between two consenting parties to prevent fraud. Which was basically Professor Milton Friedman’s role for government. What Liberals believe in are the individual, the individual having as much freedom as possible to live their own life. As long as they aren’t interfering with innocent people to live their lives. But here is where we are different from Libertarians.

That the job of government is not simply to get out-of-the-way. And let nature take its course across the board and let the market produce what the market produces across the. Board that you need rules for how individuals and organizations interact with each other not to. Run them but to protect innocent consumers and workers from predators. And that all Americans should have the opportunity to live in freedom and not just people born to wealthy parents. Who could send them to private schools or could afford to live in areas with excellent public schools. That everyone no matter how they start out in life should have access to a good education and an opportunity to do well in life. Not just people born to wealthy parents and that adults who are low-income partly because they are low-skilled. Should also have access to live in freedom as well though things like education and job training so they. Can get themselves a good job as well.

When you hear partisan Rightists talk about Liberalism they talk about this all about. Big government worshipping the state to run everyone’s life for them and make all of their. Decisions for them that if you give people a lot of freedom both economic and personal freedom or just one of them. All you are giving them is the freedom to make a lot of mistakes that government has to come in and fix. But if you give the state especially the Federal Government a lot of this power. They can make decisions for people and make them well and everyone in society will benefit as a whole. Which is why they want a big centralize Federal Government collecting at least half of the revenue in the economy. To finance all sorts of government programs to take care of everyone. As well as create a safe and nice society where everyone is nice to each other because hate speech is banned. And where everything that is bad for people is prohibited to prevent unhealthy behavior.

First of all as I mentioned before so-called modern-Liberalism. It is a form of Far-Left statism. That worships the state over the people and I’m not even sure Socialism would be. The right definition for it but perhaps a light version of Communism where the country would still be Democratic. Just not Liberal-Democratic because the state has so much power and individuals become dependents on the state to take care of them. And perhaps I’ll have a definition of this statist philosophy in the future.


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