Liberty Pen: John Stossel- Progressives And War

Progressive Revolution

Progressive Revolution


Source: Liberty Pen: John Stossel- Progressives and War.

First of all this video is so biased and with two guys who are clearly not Progressives at all. But isolationist-Libertarians who see Progressivism as evil and perhaps some type of Communism or something. And I’m saying this as someone whose not even a Progressive at least as far as the popular term and definition goes. So you aren’t hearing a lot of facts here but what two anti-Progressives think about Progressivism.

But getting back to Progressivism and what it really is and today’s so-called Progressives. Who are anti-war to go along with anti-military and anti-business and anti-Capitalist and perhaps. Anti everything else that has America what it is and why we are the great country that we are. And essentially just want government to take care of people and run our lives for us and perhaps not just our finances for us. These people aren’t the Progressives but are the New-Left in America with very strong Socialist as well as Anarchist leanings when it. Comes to authority who just want government to take care of people but do not feel they have to obey any laws they disagree with. These people aren’t Progressives but perhaps Socialist-Anarchist or Social-Democrats but they aren’t the Progressives in America. A coalition that goes back to Teddy Roosevelt and came to power in the 1930s with FDR and essentially ran the. Country through the late 1960s before Richard Nixon came to power.

Real Progressives believe in the New Deal, Great Society, public infrastructure and public education, public healthcare, public banks. But they also believe in law and order, the military and having a military that is strong enough to defend the country but also help. Others who are struggling for freedom and being murdered by their own governments. And this coalition is still alive in the Democratic Party but not nearly as strong as it use to be.


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