Learn Liberty: Debate- Is There Too Much Inequality in America?



img_9548Source: Learn Liberty: Debate- Is There Too Much Inequality in America?

As I’ve blogged before I really dislike the term income inequality, because it is not real. And why do I say that and no I’m not some type of corporatist or Libertarian or someone whose out of touch with struggling Americans. As I may be accused by some who may read this post. I say that because income inequality somehow suggests that rich people making a lot more money than poor people and that by itself is unfair and that what we should do is to take a lot of money from the rich to give to government to take care of the poor, that would be the social-democratic solution to closing the income gap, which is what I call that. And I’ll explain what I mean by that later, but it is simply not unfair for doctors and lawyers to make a lot more than janitors and fast food workers simply, because they have a lot more skills and the ability to make a lot more money. Doctors and lawyers simply make more money than fast food workers and the management of fast food chains make more money than service workers. Again because they have a lot more skills to do so.

It is only unfair that the rich make a lot more than the poor and everyone else when the rich are making that money off the backs of everyone else. Then they are essentially cheating the system by not paying their workers what they are worth or forcing them to work under unsafe working conditions and so-forth. But we want people to get themselves a lot of good skills so they can be as successful as possible in life and produce as much as possible for the country. Which benefits everyone and encourage people to do well in school and finish school. Because of the negative consequences that come from being undereducated in life. Like living in poverty and seeing a country with few people making a tone of money while we have a lot of people struggling just to pay their bills and need public assistance in order to do that. So we have more people making good money and being successful and a lot fewer people living in poverty.

So what do I mean about the income gap? We really have both and income and education gap and a big reason why the rich are rich and the poor are poor. Is the main reason for the income gap which is the education gap. So you want to close the income gap you have to close the education gap and have an education system where everyone is entitled to a good education. And of course what they do with that opportunity is up to them. While we are also empowering low-income adults to get the skills and education to move up in life.

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