Reason: Michael Tanner- Welfare Pays More Than Minimum Wage in Thirty-Five States



Source: Reason: Michael Tanner- Welfare Pays More Than The Minimum Wage in Thirty-Five States

Perfect example of why someone collecting Welfare Insurance whose not working. Should get less in money than someone working full-time on the minimum wage to encourage more people to. Work so people who are unemployed could see that they could make more money working whatever the job is full-time. Than someone not working on Welfare Insurance and still get the rental, food, health insurance assistance and other things. If I still do not make enough to cover those things for myself on my own.

This is all part of my version of what Professor Milton Friedman called the negative income tax. That the more that low-income people are able to do for themselves. The more that government should help them up to the point that they are financially self-sufficient. In order to encourage people to do as much for themselves as possible and turn. Public assistance into a real investment in human capital and not just using public assistance. As a public tax payer funded charity system. That public assistance is of course there to prevent people from starving and going homeless but it us also there to invest in people. So they can do as much for themselves as humanly possible which benefits everyone in society. Including the people who were on public assistance but now they can get themselves the skills that they. Need to get off of public assistance and live a good life. Which is why I would attach the minimum wage to someone on Welfare Insurance whose not working to 7.25$ an hour. Full-time and raise the minimum wage for workers to 10-12 bucks an hour to encourage more people to work.


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