Los Angeles Times: Robert Reich- Discusses His New Documentary Inequality For All

Inequality For All

Inequality For All

Source: Los Angeles Times: Robert Reich- Discusses His New Documentary Inequality For All

Just about this interview, this is one of the most slanted interviews I’ve ever seen. With the interviewer throwing a bunch of straight softball questions for Bob Reich to hit out of. The ballpark rather than this being a real interview with Secretary Reich having to explain his film. Rather than two guys there trying to sell the film so as many people as possible would be interested in watching it.

About so-called income inequality again a term I do not agree with. I use the term education and income gaps which is a big reason for why very few people are doing so well and many. Others are dealing with either being out of work or going back to work make a hell of a lot less money. Working jobs they are way overqualified for which is a big reason why we’ve seen purchasing power go down. And a big result consumer spending going down and why we are stuck at roughly one percent economic growth. Which is simply not good enough to get out of the deep hole that the Great Recession has left us in. So what we need to do is create a lot of jobs and that means a lot of good jobs so Americans have real purchasing power. Can get out of their consumer debt that they’ve piled up during the Great Recession. Which would lead to better economic growth and real job growth that actually creates good jobs rather than so. Many jobs being created in the service low-wage sector of the economy.

The way you create these good jobs would yes be new infrastructure investment. I agree with Secretary Reich on this and I would do it without 700B to one-trillion over 5-10 years. But going forward we need better education of students and adults. More and better job training especially for low-income workers and unemployed low-skilled people. But also for workers who are well-educated and perhaps use to be in the middle class before the Great Recession. But now need new skills to get a good job that puts them back in the middle class.


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