▶ Save Our Liberty: Video: PBS’s Charlie Rose Show: U.S. Representative Ron Paul Defines Libertarianism: Full Interview



▶ PBS’s Charlie Rose Show: U.S. Representative Ron Paul Defines Libertarianism: Full Interview – YouTube.

Representative Ron Paul gave a very close definition of Libertarianism of non-intervention. A classical Libertarian idea is that you own yourself that your property rights extend to your. Own self and own your life that you can do whatever with your life that you see fit. As long as you are not hurting innocent people with what you are doing. For example Joe or Jane can smoke pot or do other drugs or whoever the people are. But they can’t force John and Mary or whoever it might be use drugs against their will and vice-versa. And that we can’t attack each other and hurt innocent people and that is where government comes in. To regulate how we interact with each other and not government trying to protect us from ourselves. And punishing us when we hurt ourselves because the only person we may of hurt was ourself. So why should we be further punished since we only may of only hurt ourself. That is the idea of non-intervention.

One area where I differ with Libertarians as a Liberal is not the idea of individual freedom when it comes to both economic and personal freedom. Is an inconsistency in it that we aren’t allowed to hurt innocent people but that they won’t apply that to the economy as well. And just with law enforcement that we can’t physically attack someone. But if someone gets hurt in the economy working under unsafe working conditions or buying merchandise that is faulty. Like a car without the proper breaks or something like that. That they do not believe that government has a role to punish predators when they hurt innocent people. Or regulate business’s to prevent innocent people from getting hurt in the first place. That we can’t hurt innocent people unless we do it with our business essentially. I can’t hit an innocent person but I can sell someone a faulty car that crashes and kills innocent people. Because the breaks didn’t work which is what the Libertarian message sounds like.

I’m down with the whole idea of individual freedom both economic and personal. Just as long as we have a referee in there when someone infringes on others freedom to live their own. Life that we live in a country with government that has rules in it. And that basic rule is that we can’t hurt innocent people and that is where government comes in. To both punish predatory behavior when it happens. As well as trying to prevent it from happening in the first place.


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