▶ Cato: Video: Gail Heriot: Discusses Affirmative Action

Pro-Affirmative Action Rally

Pro-Affirmative Action Rally

▶ Gail Heriot: Discusses Affirmative Action – YouTube.

I’m in favor of empowering low-income kids and adults to get themselves a good education so they can have a successful life. That means having an education system that is not based on how well your parents are doing economically. But based on what students need to be successful in life and that means having universal access to a quality education for all. No matter how you start out in life, as well as a job-training-system for low-skilled adults. And people who are well-educated but lost their job because that position has been eliminated. And will never be able to work in that field again. So now they need to get themselves additional skills in order to do well in life. So this is what I want to see and the type of economic and education system that I want to see in America. And if we had this poverty would be half of what it is now because most of the country would then have the skills that they need to be successful in life. Fewer kids growing up in poverty because they have parents and both parents with the skills that. They need to get themselves a good job.

What I’m not in favor of doing is rewarding or denying people things especially education and employment. Because of their race or gender even if that is just one criteria because that is rewarding people based on race. And denying others based on race which is simply racial-discrimination which of course has benefited. Caucasian-Americans since the founding of the American-Republic but that is wrong as well. And we shouldn’t do that for anyone but instead have the education and job training that we need. Along with strong effective anti-discrimination enforcement.


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