Reuters: John Sides- Brash Tactics Fracture Senate GOP

U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander

U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander


Reuters: John Sides- Brash Tactics Fracture Senate GOP

Division in the Republican Party is certainly not news. Especially since they lost the presidential election in 2012 an election they felt certain of winning even with Mitt Romney leading their ticket, which perhaps goes to their judgement or I would argue lack of it. But House and Senate Republicans in Congress do not even agree with each other on much right now. One reason having to do with the fact that House Republicans are in the majority. With a slight edge and Senate Republicans are in the Senate minority with a small deficit. But also the fact that both chambers in Congress act differently with different rules and different types of personalities that tend to serve there. But what the government funding debate has shown with Senate Republicans telling House Republicans that they do not like their funding bill, because even though they want the Affordable Care Act repealed do not believe risking a government shutdown, is the way to do that, has just made the GOP divisions more obvious right now.

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