Liberty Pen: Murray Rothbard- Taxes Involuntary Servitude

Money Back From Government

Money Back From Government

First of all just about this video and perhaps even Mike Shanklin himself. Who I do have at least a certain amount of respect for even though we rarely agree. We agree when it comes to individual freedom and as a real Liberal and I hate saying that I prefer just to be viewed. As a Liberal but because of the stereotypes that come with Liberalism and so-called. Modern-Liberalism I feel the need to say real Liberal but real Liberals not fake Liberal believe in. Individual freedom as well we just disagree with Libertarians the real Libertarians lets say. And what are called Anarcho-Libertarians or Anarchists on the role of government. But to go back to this video, this is a perfect example of why some and perhaps Mike Shanklin fits into. This why some people who call themselves Libertarians would be better off labeling their politics as Anarchist or at. Least Anarcho-Libertarian because it is not so much that they want small government. But in many cases aren’t interested in an organize government by the people at all and their. Attitude about taxation is a perfect example of that.

The Anarcho-Libertarian attitude about taxation is that it is theft and if government whatever the level of government. Arrests someone for not paying their taxes, even though people suspected of not paying their taxes have the opportunity. To get acquitted if the prosecution fails to make their cases. They call this theft and kidnapping by government of people suspected of tax evasion and if they are convicted of tax evasion. They according to the Anarcho-Libertarian get sent away to a concentration camp meaning a prison. I guess held through kidnapping until their sentence is over even though the United States Government. Has the constitutional and legal authority to tax the people of the United States as well as. Foreign companies and people who do business in the United States. What they do not seem to understand is that is theft is stealing and is illegal. Taxation, lawful arrests and sentencing convicted felons to prison are not illegal.

Now to try to end this post on a more positive note. I’ve tried to argue this in the past but instead of using such extreme rhetoric as theft and stealing when it comes to taxation. Or kidnapping when it comes to lawful arrests or concentration camps when it comes to prisons. And calling things that are constitutional when the sixteenth amendment in the U.S. Constitution grants the. Federal Government the ability to tax people, instead of using this extreme type of rhetoric and arguing that things. In the Constitution are unconstitutional which maybe ten percent of the population agrees with the rest of the country knowing better. Instead of making these types of arguments, instead people who are this anti-taxation. What they should be doing instead is making their case why these things are bad and shouldn’t. Exist in the first place and then argue for what they would do instead. Instead of trying to convince people of things that are simply not true. Try to make a factual argument about why these things are bad and what you would do instead.

What Anarcho-Libertarians do instead is just spoken to the choir. And in their case a choir of around twenty people considering that maybe 5-10 percent of the country is. What would be described as Anarcho-Libertarian, people who are essentially anti-government across the. Board that instead if you are interested in changing America and creating that Libertarian society. That to use the word real again real Libertarians or Classical-Libertarians. They would be better off instead of trying to make the case of what we are doing and have been. Doing since the New Deal to use as an example is not working and we need to do something different. And this is what a Libertarian society would look like.


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