Peter Schiff: Out With The Debt Ceiling, in with The Debt Target!



Some Times Not All There

Some Times Not All There


Source: Peter Schiff: Out With The Debt Ceiling, In With The Debt Target

This is why we need a debt ceiling and why we need both the President of the United States and. U.S. Congress agreeing to how and when it should be raised. Because it might be the only thing that keeps them aware as well as the public of how high the national debt is and what exactly. Does that mean like how much money we owe other countries who don’t necessarily have our best interests at heart. In many cases they do not like Russia, Saudi Arabia and China to use as examples and serves as notice. That maybe this debt is too high and before we just automatically approve a debt ceiling increase. Well first of all we do not automatically approve of raising the debt ceiling increase and what we do instead. Is say look our debt is too high it is time to get it under control so it is no longer growing faster than the entire. American economy and so can put it in a position where we can actually start to pay it down in a responsible manner. So we don’t have to keep raising the debt ceiling so often in the future.

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