Yes Magazine: Laura Flanders- Welcome to Commonomics- How to Build Local Economies Strong Enough For Everyone


img_0067Source: Yes Magazine: Laura Flanders: Welcome to Commonomics

Over the last few years what we been getting from the lets say the Far-Left and I do not say that to be insulting, but people who are radicals on the Left and what they’ve said about American capitalism, or capitalism in general, is that it essentially doesn’t work. Because not enough people benefit from it and that it is not so much that we should reform it like you would fix a car, or something, or renovate an office. But that it needs to be replaced. We need a different type of car, or a different way to get around all together. Meaning replacing the American capitalist system and private enterprise and going to a state-owned economic system. Where the United States Government would essentially own and manage the American economy. That is what you get from the Richard Wolff’s of the world who are not only Democratic Socialists, but people who believe in eliminating private enterprise all together and moving to a state-owned economic system.

The last year or so Democratic Socialists or Social Democrats on the Far-Left in America, still believe American capitalism doesn’t work for enough people and that we need to do something different so more people benefit in the American economy. But have moderated their position and are now talking about making economics more local and less corporate. Giving more Americans more options as far as who they work for and where they work and how where they work is managed and are now talking about what are called economic cooperatives. Which are companies that are literally owned by the people who work there. All of the workers at a particular company have stock in the company they work for. Rather than so many people working for multi-national corporations that can move jobs from one country to another at any point. Leaving people who had jobs in a particular country now out of work.

This is how Social Democrats (let’s call them) in America should present their economic agenda. Instead of saying capitalism is evil, or something and only benefits the wealthy. And the talk about a completely different economic system where now instead of the wealthy control most of the economic power that now gets transferred over to the state or Federal Government instead supposedly on behalf of the people where a very small percentage of the country think state-owned-economics works in America. But instead have a socialist form of capitalism which may sound strange, but where the workers own stock in the companies that they work for instead.

Democracy Now: Workers of America Unite- Worker Cooperatives



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