ID Jackson: Opinion-Liberalism vs. Conservatism: What Difference Does It Make?

People should be careful about how they are talking about both. Liberalism and Conservatism and first know what they are talking about. Hint hint ID Jackson, because the truth is both political philosophies. Are built around limited government and a constitutional government. But what you get in today’s mainstream media is that both Liberals and Conservatives believe in. A form of big government. Liberals believe in a Socialist form of big government where. Government gets a lot if not most of our money to spend supposedly on our behaves. And with Conservatives you get a big government that when it comes to personal and. Social issues from a very fundamentalist religious bent where. Personal freedom is very limited even to the point of which adults who. Are in love with each other can get married and what people can do. In their own free time where privacy is very limited if it still exists. The fact is neither view when it comes to Liberalism or Conservatism is correct at all.

Whether big government comes from the Left or Right it is still big government. And it is not coming from Liberals on the Left and Conservatives on the Right. But statists on the Far-Left and statists on the Far-Right. It is not so much that Liberals and Conservatives disagree. When it comes to individual freedom but that we disagree on when it comes to the role of. Government and it’s role to protect our freedoms which has always been the. Ideological divide when it comes to Liberals and Conservatives. Yes Liberals have a bigger role for government when it comes to economic policy. But not run people’s lives for them but to see that all Americans. Have access to the tools that they need to live in freedom. Like education, job training for low-skilled adults, infrastructure investment. A regulatory system that protects workers and customers from predatory behavior. Conservatives tend to want these things done almost completely by the private sector instead.

It is not the Michelle Bachmann’s on the Right who represent American-Conservatives. And the Dennis Kucinich’s on the Left who represent American-Liberalism when actually both people. Come from the fringes on the Right and the Left. Instead it is people like Senators Mike Lee or Jeff Flake or Rand Paul on the Right. Versus Senators Ron Wyden, Dick Durbin as well as Representative Jared Pollis on the Left. That represents the Liberal-Left in America and both the Conservatives and Liberals believe in. Freedom but have different roles for government.
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