President Ronald Reagan: The Purpose of Welfare

On Welfare

On Welfare

This is exactly what Welfare Insurance should be about. Which is to become so effective that it becomes no longer needed because the entire. Workforce or adult eligible population who are physically and mentally able to work. And are not ready to retire have the skills that they need to get a good job and not need Welfare Insurance or any other form on. Public assistance to meet their economic needs because they have a good job. And are able to meet those needs themselves.

The term welfare to work is very important because it is not. Welfare to a fast-food job or welfare to working at a convenience store or some other minimum wage job. But welfare to working at a good full-time job that meets the economic needs of the workers. So they are no longer dependent on public assistance in any form that is economic related. Whether it be health insurance or housing or food to use as examples. And you accomplish this by not just taking a low-skilled adult and having them work for a fast-food restaurant. Where they are still going to need public assistance to pay their bills. But if that person hasn’t finish high school you have them do that. But if they have finished high school but do not have any level of college education. That will allow for them to get a good job. You put them to work to start out at a perhaps minimum wage job to start out. But as they are working there you also give them assistance so they can get a vocational education or an education. At a junior college so they can complete their education and have the skills. That they need to get that good job that meets all of their costs of living.

The next version  of welfare reform should be about work experience plus education. Rather than putting people who are low-skilled to work at minimum wage jobs. Where they won’t be able to pay their bills. Without any shot of finishing their education so they can get themselves a good job. Or just putting low-skilled adults without much if any work experience to school to finish their education. And then expecting them to find a good job without the necessary work experience that people. Need to do well at those jobs or even get them in the first place.

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