Milton Friedman: The Definition of a Liberal

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Who Are The Real Liberals

Who Are The Real Liberals

Milton Friedman‘s definition of a Liberal is pretty close to my definition of a Liberal. That we believe that you question authority especially the biggest authorities. Not that you should be against authority but question centralized power and people. And policies who feel that centralizing a lot if not most power into one organization. Whether it be government or in the private sector and that is unhealthy. And be dangerous to individual liberty what Liberalism really is about. Whether it is today or a hundred years ago which is protecting individual rights. And individuals ability to have the freedom to live their own lives. Rather than government or big business interfering even to protect the. Individual because government knows best and better what the individual needs to live well. Or big business and government really because they make the rules. That we all have to live by so if you are a Liberal you should question any. Centralized authority telling you that they know best and this is what you should do or else.

But what we hear from the people today who are supposed to be the Modern-Liberals. Which they aren’t and I’ll explain what I mean by that. Is that government is great and does so many good things for us already. And people make mistakes with their own money and lives in general. So why don’t we give government more power to take care of us, of course at our expense. Because government of course is not free. Any Progressive or Social-Democrat who say services from government are free. Ask them how much do they cost us and who are those services are funded. Because if they give you a straight answer, they’ll contradict themselves. Because of course government is not free because it is funded through. Our taxes which are fees and prices that Americans pay for the. Government that we have so of course the so-called Modern-Liberals. Or Social-Democrats really aren’t very Liberal at all. Because their message is not about individual rights or individualism. But their message is about the state and take a collectivist view when it comes to society. And rarely if ever question centralized power at least when it comes to the economy.

Where I disagree with Professor Friedman when it comes to Liberalism. Is that Liberalism is not today’s Libertarianism and not anti-authority to the point. That we want government to do practically nothing but that we do not want government trying to run people’s lives who are free. And not incarcerated or something and are physically and mentally able. That we believe in freedom and opportunity and that people should be protected from predatory behavior. And that government has a role here not to run our lives for us. But to see that everyone has opportunity to live in freedom. And that the innocent are protected from predators.


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