Mises Daily: Opinion: David Howden: Robert Shiller’s Egalitarian, Regulated and Subsidized Good Society


Free Society

Free Society




David Howden: Robert Shiller’s Egalitarian, Regulated, and Subsidized

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Great topic to be writing about because everyone from the Far-Left to the Far-Right has their idea. Of a great society and what that means from Social-Democrats who believe that a lot of services. That people should get should be entitlements and rights that are provided for free by government. But for anyone who knows better government services are certainly not free. That of course we pay for them with our tax dollars. As well as in this Socialist-Utopia people would be free not to be hated and disrespected. Then move Center-Left where I am and you have Liberals who want a society where we all have the. Access that we need to live in freedom not that everything is equal. But we all have the ability regardless of the income level of our parents to live in freedom. Built around education and opportunity not government simply giving is things. I sorta gave away what I’ll be talking about later but this is important. And you move to the right with Conservatives who say people need opportunity but the. Private sector and private market not free as some of them like to say need to play a big role in that. To Libertarians also on the right who want government to do practically nothing to see. What people can  do for themselves.

I could talk about what the Far-Right’s idea of a great society is but it quite frankly sounds pretty boring. Besides what part of the Far-Right would I be talking about because they are diverse. But it is basically based on what they see as traditional American values mostly based. On their fundamentalist religious beliefs that America has been going downhill culturally for fifty years. And we need to return to the way we used to do things for the good of the country. Where people would only be free to live their lives the way Christian-Conservatives believe they should live them. That is not a free society and I do not believe even a good one but more of what is common in the. Middle East and not in a Liberal-Democracy like America. The idea of a free society is not where everything is free meaning all services. But where everyone is free or at least has a good opportunity to live in freedom. Where nothing is guaranteed where individual responsibility is also part of this. But where we all have good opportunities to live in freedom in life and what we make. Of these opportunities is up to us.

As a Liberal I believe in property rights down to my core as an individual. That people not only own their property as far as where they live and drive and everything else. But they own themselves as well and that their property rights can never be legally taken. Away as long as we aren’t hurting the property of innocent people who of course we have the right to self-defense. But not the right to be aggressors whether we are physically attacking people or hurting them economically. That is what a Liberal-Utopia is property rights that extend to ourselves as long as we aren’t infringing on the freedom. Of others to live their own lives.

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